UCSB Fall Dance Concert 2008

Xibalba Be

 Monica Ford’s “Xibalba Be” was born of theories on the Maya calendar’s end in 2012. The movement went from apocalyptically chaotic to lyrically flowing, and effective use was made of a large metal sculpture center stage and dramatic design.

- Santa Barbara Independence

 UCSB 2nd Annual Queer Student Union 

2007 Drag Show

strike a pose...VOGUE

The experience was priceless…each performer felt beautiful while exuding individualism .

With each performer I like to transform their character into a significant elegant figure.  Seeing my creations come to life is what fuels my passion for design.  Designing for UCSB's Queer Student Union's drag show was an incredible opportunity to be part of.   


UCSB Fall Dance Concert 2007

Broken Affinity


“Broken Affinity” examine personal relationships, human connection, and the consequences of betrayal…this show has a lovely humor to it, even with the darker subjects. I think people are in touch with feelings and human nature.”

  - Santa Barbara Independent

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